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  Disc Code Title/Artist
View Disc BS6017 The Songs Of Elvis
View Disc CB6305 Elvis Christmas - Vol. 1
View Disc CB7002 Elvis Gospel - Vol. 1
View Disc CB7024 Elvis Gospel - Vol. 2
View Disc CB9058 Elvis Presley Early Years - Vol. 1
View Disc CB9059 Elvis Presley Early Years - Vol. 2
View Disc CB9060 Elvis Presley Early Years - Vol. 3
View Disc CB9061 Elvis Presley "Live Cuts" - Vol. 1
View Disc CB9062 Elvis Presley "Live Cuts" - Vol. 2
View Disc CB9063 Elvis Presley "Live Cuts" - Vol. 3
View Disc CB9093 Elvis Presley "Live Cuts" - Vol. 4
View Disc CB9094 Elvis Presley "Live Cuts" - Vol. 5
View Disc CB9095 Elvis Presley "Live Cuts" - Vol. 6
View Disc CBPK465 Chartbusters Elvis Collection - 6 Disc Set
View Disc LG025 Hits Of Elvis - Vol. 1
View Disc LG026 Hits Of Elvis - Vol. 2
View Disc LG027 Hits Of Elvis - Vol. 3
View Disc LG184 Hits Of Elvis - Vol. 4
View Disc MM6014 Hits Of Elvis Presley
View Disc MM6081 Elvis Inspirational
View Disc MM6090 Legendary Elvis
View Disc MM6123 Elvis At The Movies
View Disc MM6124 Encore Elvis
View Disc MM6146 Elvis - The Early Years
View Disc MM6147 The Ballads Of Elvis
View Disc MM6151 Elvis Rocks
View Disc MM6157 Elvis, King Of The Blues
View Disc MM6177 Elvis In Concert - Live!
View Disc MM6190 Elvis Returns
View Disc MM6205 Elvis By Request - Vol. 1
View Disc MM6229 Elvis - Movies, Memories & More
View Disc MM6248 Elvis On Stage
View Disc MM6266 A Tribute To Elvis
View Disc MM6267 Elvis - His Gospel Performances
View Disc MM6288 Elvis Presley - Back At The Movies
View Disc MM6305 Elvis - The 50's & 60's
View Disc MM6306 Elvis - The 70's
View Disc MM6322 Elvis By Request - Vol. 2
View Disc MM6337 Elvis - Film Tracks & Early Recordings
View Disc MM6338 Elvis - Favorite Ballads
View Disc MM6371 Elvis - Love Songs And Ballads
View Disc MM6381 Lights, Camera, Elvis!
View Disc MM6382 Elvis - King Of Gospel
View Disc MM6398 Elvis - Bringiní Back The 70ís
View Disc MM6399 Elvis - One More Time
View Disc MM6414 Elvis - 50's and 60's
View Disc MM6415 Elvis - The Silver Screen
View Disc MMPKVE2 Velvet Elvis - Vol. 2 - 27 Disc Set
View Disc SC8154 Hits Of Elvis Presley - Vol. 1
View Disc SC8155 Hits Of Elvis Presley - Vol. 2
View Disc SC8356 Hits Of Elvis Presley - Vol. 3
View Disc SC8536 Elvis Presley Gospel Favorites - Vol. 1
View Disc TT169 Hall Of Fame - Elvis Presley - Vol. 2

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